I’ve rearranged my feedreader so that i have an a-list (read daily), a b-list (read weekly) and a c-list (read when I have time). it’s made it so much easier for me to keep up.

I have a separate category for the blogs I work for, which will help me stay up to date with them.

And a third category for the blogs that don’t have much to do with faith, because that’s what I primarily use the hhthompson google reader for.

On an irrelevant note, I registered a new gmail account today, in my married name. Even though it’s still a good six months out, just wanted to get it before some other helen mosher goes, I want a gmail account! like all the helen thompsons did.

cat news: the stray that’s definitely adopted me, whom I call Rocket, goes to the vet tomorrow for a physical and to schedule his boybitectomy. i am now officially a 3-cat household, which probably means i’m a crazy cat lady. the cats sure are crazy, anyway.


Professional organizers

You know, if this one was local I'd give her a call.

Actually, I should mention, she contacted me for a story I'm working
on. All hail PRNewswire, but I thought I'd pass along the site because
for those of us 214ers, it's kinda neat to see you can make a living
at this.