It’s all bass-ackwards

I’m dealing with tennis elbow in my right arm, borne of knitting and mouse-abuse (the computer kind, really). So I’m having to use the mouse with my left hand. Everything feels backwards, in a way that I can only explain feels like my body adjusting to me forcing myself into a different hand dominance. I usually don’t have to think about typing at all, and today it’s more of a struggle, not because I can’t use my right hand to type (although i’m pretty much not allowed to use it for anything else, but if a kaibosh the typing i might as well file for disability), but because I’m more aware of my left hand and what it’s doing.

Now would be a good time for me to relearn how to play piano. I never could do much with my left hand on a keyboard.

Everything I do right now feels like it’s being done in a mirror. Heaven forbid I break this arm–but now I understand better why it was so traumatic for my mother when she did.


Nice to know the neighbors are schisming.

I'm beginning to think that all attempts we have ever made at compromise have done nothing but hold us back. It doesn't matter what we do–if it doesn't go party, line and slate toward the Minns and Ikers and Duncans of the world, if they can't have it absolutely their way, they are going to leave anyway, right?

I'm sorry if this is inflammatory. I just don't understand this. Bishop Lee is an amazing spiritual leader, to my mind… why must we go over his head when he's one of the ones doing the most to holding us to a via media?

And–just as an addendum, what of those who get left behind when their pastors leave in good conscience? People who love the Episcopal church and all its tensions…

sigh. I don't mean anything on those parishes, just.. I see them sowing discord, and I worry. I see it on the left, too.

For Immediate Release: ELECTION OF BISHOPS

The Primate of All Nigeria (Anglican Communion), the Most Rev Peter Akinola has announced the election of new Bishops in the Church of Nigeria.

The election was conducted at the Episcopal Synod of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), which met on Wednesday, June 28 2006, at All Saints Church Wuse Abuja.

The Bishops-elect are:

Ø The Rev Canon Christian Ideh, of Igbudu Christian Centre, Emevor, for the Diocese of Warri.

Ø The Venerable Musa Tula, of St Stephen’s Anglican Church Wange-Tula, Gombe State, for the Diocese of Bauchi.

Ø The Very Rev Adebayo Akinde, of the Cathedral of St Peter Ake, Abeokuta, Ogun State, for the newly created Diocese of Lagos Mainland. The inauguration of the diocese will come up in August.

Ø The Rev Canon Martyn Minns of Truro Parish in Virginia, USA was also elected Bishop in the Church of Nigeria for the missionary initiative of the Church of Nigeria called Convocation of Anglican Churches in North America (CANA).

The Episcopal Synod also decided to elect the Rt. Rev Simon Mutum of the Diocese of Jalingo as Bishop for non-geographic nomadic mission.

The consecration of the Bishops-elect will be announced later.


So I’ve been thinking.. we should have a community for DC-area folks who share:
–interest in ministry to the marginalized, poor and forgotten
–Christian faith, regardless of denomination
–being progressive in a nonpolitical way — that is, social justice, peace, integrity, compassion, environmental stewardship and the like should be our *values,* not our *platform*
–desire to go to nifty events around town

And I’ve been thinking, now that I’m getting settled, finally, that I’d like to take this on. I’m very good at web-enabled communications–in fact, that’s what I want to do for a living in the faith-based sphere–and I’ve identified the following areas where we might be able to get this off the ground:
1. A community-run, editorially sound website, such as DCist, providing images and commentary from around the blogosphere
2. A list-serv, where community members can participate in group discussion
3. A public calendar, which would allow us to keep each other up-to-date on interesting events of note
4. A web-ring, as many of us have blogs–I love the revgalblogpals model wherein several moderators do periodic roundups
5. A resource page, possibly a wiki but more likely a links clearinghouse page pointing people to national resources such as the Center for Progressive Christianity, CrossLeft, and the Christian Alliance for Progress. I am also becoming increasingly aware of progressive organizations within various denominations as well as several that are faith-based but nondenominational.
6. A periodic podcast: Would local clergy be willing to let us record their sermons? Or other?
7. Social networking: Use of livejournal, myspace, friendster and other social networking sites to help people find each other

What do those of you who are local think?

Shortfall on mission; send Ark!

I helped sponsor an event tonight but we booked it on Thursday and that very day I had to turn in my laptop for significant hardware upgrades–and I haven’t been online since. So here I am at the end of the workday, updating about this event at Busboys and Poets in Washington DC tonight:

8:30-10:30 PM (Langston Room) Join the nationwide community of CrossLeft, for a Summer of Hope Meet-Up-Party from 8:30 to 10:30 for drinks, networking and idea-sharing. CrossLeft is a growing movement, barnstorming around the country and building a movement to counter the extremism of the Christian right. This special meet up party is part of the Summer of Hope initiative, bringing progressive Christians together across the country, to build a strategic action agenda for political change. We depend on your energy and activism, and are looking to identify a base of Progressive Christians in the area to help us work towards the inauguration of a CrossLeft project, the Institute for Progressive Christianity, being planned for this September 9th at the National Cathedral. The Institute for Progressive Christianity is a research institute committed to producing work firmly rooted in scripture and the diverse Christian values represented in Progressive Christianity.

CrossLeft is a strategy clearing-house and central hub for grassroots activism among progressive Christians. Minimum donation of $10 to CrossLeft is requested, but not required for this event. Please make checks out to CrossLeft or go to our website to donate here. CrossLeft is a 501c4 organization. Contributions are not tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your kind support!

…and having sponsored it on behalf of CrossLeft, I find that 8 inches of rain have fallen in the area in the past three days, most of which was last night. And as such, it’s going to be tough for me to make it, and with my not being able to post it until now, I’m worried that people won’t hear about it.

I hope to book another event at this venue toward the end of the summer for Progressive Christians in the DC area, and it would be supercool if I could do something like this as well as DJing the event. And I’ll be more hands-on with the planning than I could be this time around. Please let me know if you’d like to be included on the mailing list that announces these events. I had started a blog for these things, but I think an email list might work better.

And if you have an extra Ark, I need to get home. Good thing I’m a good swimmer.


According to my e-lists, Katharine Jefferts Schori has been elected
Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the USA.

How far we've come in the 30 years since we started ordaining women to
the priesthood.

Voices of Witness

Welcome to Voices of Witness, a Claiming the Blessing production to
provide the church our witness as Christians, and as gay, lesbian,
bisexual, and transgendered people of great faith. We witness to the
message of God's inclusive love in the world, and as a testament to
the power of living lives in service and love to all of God's

(the video on that page is people bearing witness to being or loving
or supporting GLBT people of faith, with particular respect to the
Episcopal church. worth a look.)

Sit there staring, almost in shock

I just read the job description for the Digital Communications Director for The General Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church, and given my qualifications and strong desire to *work* out my vocation using my God-given talents, I’m tempted, Episcopalian though I am.

The “travel required” part throws me a bit, though. I can do it now, but only because of our custody arrangement at the moment. What if it changes, as I suspect (and secretly hope) it will?

God, is that you knocking? I can’t hear, I can’t hear!

I want so much to move into a communications position in the wider church. But I’m so bloody Anglican at times. (No, really, I don’t know how I feel about all that.)

At any rate, someone pinged my resume on that service in the past 48 hours. I hope it was the UMC. Because I have made a commitment to my current employer and I wouldn’t describe myself as anxious to leave, I am not actively seeking other employment. But I have gotten several hints that if it is time to flex my wings and grow, I should not hold myself back.

God, is that you?