In other funnies (lots today!)

I just ran across a prayer song that listed its key and bpm.

It's a little slow for stompy stomp, though.



I get the impression that conservatives sit around trying to outdo each other. Santorum, Robertson, and now Bennett, whose modest proposal for reducing crime is making blogwaves:

While I'm on that subject, the City Paper has written an… interesting profile of Rick Santorum, who apparently has a very moderate voting record.

So much for using him as a translator if we do mission work

DS: I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that I have an A
in Spanish.
Me: Yay!! That's awesome! What's the bad news?
DS: I have a D in English.


15. “So far as I'm aware, no other language has anything equivalent
to the Icelandic 'setja upp gestaspjot', a verbal phrase denoting the
action taken by a cat when cleaning itself, with its body curled
tightly in a circle and one back leg sticking directly up in the air.
Literally it means 'put up a guest-spear' and when a cat was seen
doing this it was supposed to indicate that visitors would be turning
Nicholas Jones, Cambridge, England

From — 20 unusual words from other languages.

Enjoy. 🙂


CrossLeft is shaping up nicely, thanks to the hard work of Kety, Stephen, and now Jo, who has added a bunch of new content management tools to the site. Please, join us if you're inclined to see the intersection of faith and engagement with world and national politics. Some people might be put off by the cross; others might be put off by the left. But when you see what happens there, people of faith pulling together to engage in dialogue on matters of faith and politics, it will invigorate you. We are a community of people who do not check our brains at the door when we go to church, or check our faith at the door when we leave. I can't remember who said that: Wallis? Someone on the blogosphere? I don't know.

On my profile there, I mention that I keep a faithlog at this address. People have enough trouble keeping up with blogging as a neologism that I cannot fathom “thlogging” entering the vernacular, but to me, I have eight personal weblogs on top of my communities, and I need to give them distinctions.

Today has been a day of mixedness. I am still wrestling with my newfound appreciation of “sanctity,” and the boundaries that crop up as a result, given that I'm antitraditional in many respects of my personal life. Suddenly, I look in the mirror and see someone approaching middle age; I talk on the phone with my now husky-voiced teenager as he makes unacceptable excuses for his 'D' in English and coach him into what will hopefully become success; I think of myself as married in spite of the legal drawbacks to our marrying (we are lucky that we can marry, honestly, but it's not economically sound for us to do so). I find myself more conservative on some fronts and fanatically more liberal on others. And in the middle of all this mixedness, I get a phone call from someone I haven't talked to in more than 10 years. She was my best friend in college, and I nearly wept when I heard her voice.

She is every bit as beautiful as she was 15 years ago when we were inseparable. Married, two adorable kids. We're going to hang out next weekend.

Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter,
Whoever finds one has found a treasure.
Faithful friends are beyond price;
No amount can balance their worth.
Faithful friends are life-saving medicine;
And those who fear* the lord will find them.

Sirach 6:14-16

*Fear is such a funny word. I'm not afraid of God, but awe? Yes.


SINCE 1994!!!!!!!!


Eyes Wide Shut

The more I read on narcissism, the more I realize that my current
state is the result of recognizing it in others because it has been
true of me in the past. I have also learned that whatever I was in the
past, I'm more sensitive to it in others, and push those kinds of
people away.

Without going into detail, she answered my letter with a contradiction.
1. She wishes she could do something to help me not hurt.
2. She's not going to stop being affectionate with Dean.

Her take is that I'm trying to control her. I exploded back with a two
paragraph letter that basically said, this isn't about competition,
or control, it's about common courtesy, and promptly filed it in my
draft folder to deal with when my blood pressure goes back down.

Regardless, I am beginning to understand ex-Tim's point of view from
this experience. Is it that someone upstairs is putting things in
front of me to illuminate the harm i've done others in my past?