RUGMARK Foundation

RUGMARK Foundation

File under Fair Trade:

RUGMARK is a global nonprofit organization working to end illegal child labor and offer educational opportunities for children in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

The RUGMARK label is your best assurance that no illegal child labor was employed in the manufacture of a carpet or rug.

They are holding a raffle for a nifty rug that has a Dalai Lama quote woven into it. Check it out here.


Professional organizers

You know, if this one was local I'd give her a call.

Actually, I should mention, she contacted me for a story I'm working
on. All hail PRNewswire, but I thought I'd pass along the site because
for those of us 214ers, it's kinda neat to see you can make a living
at this.

For future reference

Cool sermons from St. Mark's in Philly. Must visit.

Proof that I'm not anti-beer

I'm home sick with a bad throatie-headache-exhaustion combo. I swear, I've had more physical maladies since coming off the pill than I have had in the past three years. Anyhow.

I just read the word “youngster” and had to read it twice, because I could have sworn it said “yuengster.”


Some of you will recall that i contacted my best friend from college a few months ago and a couple of weeks later, she wrote back, and I was uberhappy about this.

We scheduled a reunion of sorts the same weekend that one of the hurricanes dumped a shitload of rain on us. She lives by a lake, and there was flooding, so we had to reschedule.

I'm going to see her for the first time in almost 12 years in a matter of hours. The last time I saw her, K was barely walking.

The birds

There are a flock (is that the right word?) of sparrows living in the hedge outside our ground floor. These are likely the population that Cody was picking off when we used to let her sit out there.

Yesterday we rather spontaneously decided to go visit Nicole for thanksgiving, and twas lovely that we did. I apologize for not reaching out to the other NoVa/DC orphans as I had originally thought to do. I'm really overdue for visiting and at this point. Others of you that I tend to see more of in clubs that I haven't gone to in just under a year–sigh. I'm beginning to think I need to have folks over rather than delude myself that I will get out.

So anyhow, we came home with leftover bird that I turned into turkey hash–saute up some onions and rosemary, add leftover turkey, potatoes, stuffing, anything else that you want to toss in–stir that around for a bit then add gravy and cream (in our case, whole milk)– salt and pepper to taste… Best way to use up leftovers I know, but it's antithetical to those who don't believe in mixing food up on the plate.

Several very fat sparrows are hanging out on the balcony now, and I'm not sure what to make of this.

Now available in black

I was going to post something rantly about how we are manipulated to shop on this day and hallelujah for those that resist the retail machine. That said, I always like to plug the small businesses of friends of mine that kick ass, and i will do so in a week or so, after payday. But I'm not buying a thing today. I'm going to sell some things today, but that's not the same thing. There's something about mall culture during the holidays that I need to experience again, and so off I go to the little Borders to foist books on people.

But then I found out that has made WTFWJD shirts available in black, and I remembered what the spirit of the season is really all about.

I am so pleased that my son doesn't really want anything for Christmas. All my years of poverty that I did manage to get him Santa, and now that I SHOULD be able to get him a healthy roster of stuff, I can't afford to, mostly because he's outgrown all his clothes and is now 5'4.

If anyone has some 32×30 jeans lying around that don't fit anymore, they'll fit him (cuffed), so…

Oh, wait, that's my size. (sigh!!!!!) Eeek!!!

And he turns 13 in just over a week!!!