Gallycat’s Karaoke Palace

Oh, what the hell. This is me singing John Prine’s “Angel of Montgomery,” which you may know as a Bonnie Raitt tune.


a time to blog


Should I come back? I brought back one of my oldest netmonikers, one that’s painfully ireverrent, the predecessor of deviathan. If you’re a reader of that spot, well, you’ve also likely noticed my silence here.

I’m venturing out shyly, nervously, because I’ve been feeling a lot of pain these past several weeks in a bad case of won’t get fooled again.

The end result is that I’ve called off the wedding indefinitely, my partner and I are getting counseling; I don’t know if I can continue to call him DFH or not but time will tell. We’re giving ourselves at least three months to figure it out.

And I don’t really want to talk about it, just wanted to let everyone know why I’ve almost completely vanished from the blogosphere. If you have a prayer to spare, send it our way. But I think we’re on the mend, honestly.