Father forgive me, for I have flaked…

The alliteration was irresistable.

I forgot today was Friday, in spite of the fact that last night I knew today was Friday.

So I missed a lunch date with another revgal.

Back when I was a young adult, the word we’d use for “flaking out” on someone was “lunching.”

I lunched on lunch.



Dear Helen

I know I'm full of useless one-line posts today, but I did make myself
laugh in the middle of devastation when I nearly typed “hurricane
Latrina” in another forum.

And Dear CNN: Thank you for making me feel less shitty about my profession.


Wrote a deck on a story about direct mail marketing.

Then went back and reread it.

And burst out laughing:

With spam filters and ad-blockers killing your ability to reach people
through the internet, it may well be time to go postal.