No, really, not another blog!

Just a new toy to help me manage my gallycat persona:, which will redirect here once I get it set up.

Of course this means I can now be…


which isn’t set up yet either,and will most likely forward to my gmail account, but make filtering *very* easy.

Update: I HEART, my host, for putting this together for me on a nonbusiness day. But it’s up and running, email address now working, the Whole Nine Yards!


Wiretapestry A GoGo

Wiretapestry has now been launched under wordpress at This is the blog I’ve been talking about setting up for faith and speculative fiction.

St. Anne’s, my home parish, has also set up its blog–address forthcoming once we are ready to roll. Wiretapestry isn’t ready either, but since it’s mine only, it’s no worries.

I know, everyone always asks me, how do I manage so many blogs? I am a compulsive writer, but the one I update most regularly is my livejournal, deviathan.

But I’m thrilled that I seem to have mastered WordPress to the extent that I have. It literally took me five minutes to install, just like they said.

At any rate, I’ll be doing some odds and ends on all my blogs to better interlink them, and I have much blogability stuff to catch up on this weekend. I’m beginning to think I should set up a tip jar–my work as a blogger is starting to be more than just a hobby.

Having Wiretapestry back up is really cool. It was my first domain, and I really had no idea what to do with it. But it’s back. And you know what else? Wiretapestry is my AIM handle, and I’ve been logging on occasionally lately. So feel free to send me a howdy if you see me there.

Today’s RGBP Friday Five was on things famous. I’m a journalist, and I’ve met a lot of FAMOUS PEOPLE. In fact, in some circles, I am a famous person myself. But I have a few funny anecdotes that I’ll get round to sharing, once I settle on a wordpress template and stop noodling around with images for both Wiretapestry and St. Anne’s Open Window, the blogs that are about to be.

Bless these blogs, God above.

I’m home!

Be it ever so humble…

Being home is a mixed blessing. We had to cut our trip short because DFH’s blown his knee out again. Please send healing prayers, etc. his way.

There are some recap notes over at my livejournal–including some about my visit to Grace Cathedral. Internet connectivity during the trip was sporadic, and as a result, I wasn’t able to post to Ask the Matriarch this week. But it will be back, and then some, on Sept. 7. Actually, it will be good to be ahead of the game, as that night I’m attending a book discussion about Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal and after that, a a Keltish show.

DFH started reading Lamb while he’s been laid up (and since we spent much of the Chincoteague trip under Ernesto’s thumb). Should be interesting to see how he reacts to this story.

DS is back at his dad’s for the school year. He’s grown several inches and his voice has dropped to a low alto. Of course, I’m empty-nesting again, which drives DFH batty. But we’ve hit the two-year mark–the Chincoteague trip was to mark that anniversary–and still full on toward May, in which DFH becomes DH. I want to pin down the date so I can let my family know–my godmother/closest aunt needs to request the time now, and I still feel like he’s vacillating on it. So, again, I suggest we elope. It isn’t that I want to push that commitment on him, as in many respects he’s already made it. It’s complicated, and has a lot to do with my committing to being an empty-nester at 35. Most of my friends are having babies now, and every time someone reminds me that it’s not too late, I cringe and sigh because it takes two, and DFH doesn’t want more. Some have asked me if that’s a dealbreaker–and no, it’s not! I can be free at 40 and enjoy godparenthood, grandparenthood, and being a kickass aunt should my (attractive single) brother find ms. right. But if DFH and I fail to tie the knot, then these years are ones I could have spent finding a darling future daddy.

And if that happens, I’ll be right pissed.