Feeling kinda stretched

I haven’t been blogging much over here, that’s true. Feeling a little spread thin–DS has been getting Ds and Fs on his assignments and so I’ve made a decision: I’m moving.

I want so desperately to be the good, stable mom right now. DS is almost 14 and lives with his dad across the River, a big river. And I’m realizing this “shared” custody thing isn’t working. It works okay for us grown-ups, that’s for sure, but …

The thing is, DSDad lives in a verrrrrrrrrry expensive part of Across the River. So far, I have found exactly three condos under $275K in his school district. DFH and I can probably come up with about 3 percent of that. We moved into this ickhole house to try and spend the next couple of years saving up for the purchase, but my son needs me now.

Why not rent, you say? Rents are $1400 a month. If I can just get that downpayment up to 10 percent, somehow, between now and June when I want to move, that’ll be my mortgage payment. The area I am looking in is near the metro and likely to stay inflated. I need to commit to at least for years.

It was weird, having it come down in a bolt of blue. “It’s time to go.” DFH is stressed about it, because in many respects–mostly physical–we’re separating. But I need his help to buy a home for the next five years, I love him and I want him to come with me. He still has things to do here.

But it falls under the category of “He has things to do, and I have things to do” on the journey to “We have things to do.”

Anyhow, I’m going to look at the only apartment in Across The River School District that’s under $1200, just in case this pipe dream of owning doesn’t come to pass. I worry that *it* is going to be a ghetto, but if I know that now, I can move forward with my eyes open. And then, I’m going to Phialdelphia for the weekend, giving my annual one-two about faith and science fiction at Philcon. I’ll be back Sunday night, here for a couple of days, and then back in Philly for TG.

And if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to in the meantime, it’s over at My Empire of Pesticide-Free Dirt. I’ll be online this weekend, so I’ll see you guys.