Smoking Whedon Fonda Science Fiction

I just exchanged a few books I don't need for Serenity and Firefly,
which, of course, I do need.

Since Borders was also having a buy 3 DVDs get one free sale, I also
picked up the second X men movie and…..


Fear me.


the gift…

As some of you will recall, I plowed through Buffy seasons 3 and 4 in
the span of three days while recovering from gallbladder surgery back
in April.

I just finished season 5. (Also watched much Angel in the interim and
a bit of Firefly.) And what I really, really, really want to know is
why the key was so important that the monks didn't destroy it when
they should have.

If that comes up later, don't spoil it, but if not, feel free to discuss.

And no…

I don't want anything for Christmas, but if you really need to regift
anything that has “Joss Whedon” in the credits, I'm your gal.

Lacking a Feast

Well, The library still doesn't seem to have a Feast for Crows, the fourth
volume of the George Martin series. I have had that title reserved since I
got my library card right after moving here in May.

But I've gotten my paycheck first.

However, if I buy the fourth volume in hardcover, I'm going to have to go
back and buy the other three in hardcover. I have all three in trade and
mass market.

Grrr. Maybe I should just go back and reread the first three.

Update on my NPR fangirl crush

Okay. I had been wondering what had happened to Rob
to the point that I checked on the NPR website to make
sure he hadn't disappeared. It occured to me to check again today,
after hearing yet another China story by some other, less sexy-voxed
reporter and then seeing this

They've updated it, and I suppose I can now resume my fangirl status.

Rob Gifford served as NPR's China correspondent from 1999-2005. He
is currently on a leave of absence, writing a book about China. When
he returns, he will be NPR's London correspondent.

Oh, i should note…

K and I went to see Serenity over the weekend.

Now I'm sure I'm not the first to turn this phrase, being a belated Whedon fan, but the experience was sheer Whedonistic joy.

K I got lots of good dialogue afterward. I'm not familiar with firefly, being still stuck in season 5 of Buffy and Season 2 of Angel, but getting a precocious near-teen interested in corporate/governmental conspiracy is always funly subversive.

In a sea of DeLay posts

…we have Neil Gaiman, making me laugh my arse off.