fellow knitters

my friend dani posted some pictures of us over at knitster, from last weekend’s sheep and wool festival.

arm stll hurtie. prayers much appreciated. worse news is that my major medical is now “on” and i have to come up with the $1000 deductible, but at least the MRI tonight should knock it out.



On a lighter and somewhat tongue-in-cheek note, I've knitted 13,872 stitches in the lil'D blanket.

Please don't take my near-rabid opinion on Nanowrimo personally, folks. I don't disdain you!!! 🙂

Blanket in progress

This belongs on knitster, and I'll crosspost it there, but I'm making a blanket for my stepdaughter and I just wanted to share it with (a)Momcat and (b)my knitting/craft-oriented LJ friends.

Clicking on it will give you a large version of the picture.

PS Momcat… as DFH mentioned, I kinda want to surprise lil'D with the finished project, so don't let her open this picture until the gift shows up, whether birthday or xmas, to be determined….

Tour enforce

I just watched a tow truck pluck a minivan out of one of the skinny spaces on the far side of the lot. It took them TWO MINUTES. Wow. Now I get to sit outside with my knitting and see if anyone comes out freaking. Yay for spectator sports!