Here in one piece…and peace.

We’ve moved. And we’re getting settled in. There’s ups and downs–ups being able to sit on the front stoop and watch the cats frolic, downs being that odorous house ants took over the cat food bowl so no more free-feeding her. But she is getting along fairly well with the other feline denizens, so that’s good.

just wanted to let you all know that I’m here and well, for the most part.

starting to catch up on email, still tons left to go through.

and settling down to read the fourth book in Julia Spencer-Fleming Episcomystery series. ah, reading. yes.

what’s up, all?


thank you for your prayers.

they seem to be working.

I think part of the disconnect is that ever since i started going to EFM I stopped going to church every sunday. something about making the haul to reston twice a week when it’s a struggle to get there once a week is getting to me. so i’ve opened a dialogue with St. Alban’s in Annandale, which is only a few blocks from the new home; had a lovely chat with a Tuesday morning volunteer named Barbara. My immediate family at St. Anne’s is in EFM, and I do consider that my home parish, but since i can’t make it to worship regularly, I suppose peripatesis is in order. Has anyone else successfully been a member of two parishes? I mean, the advantages of moving to St. Alban’s are multifold; I met the Rev. Grayce at annual council, ever so briefly; I want to get to know other families in my immediate area so that my son will make some friends, something he hasn’t done with me since I left PA.

But at the same time I love St. Anne’s so much that I feel like I’m cheating on it, even being 20 miles from it (I’m 7 miles from it now and it’s hard to get there 2x a week. grumble.)

But now that things are starting to _feel_ better and I’m catching up with all manner of stuff (I don’t think I mentioned here that the most recent issue of Geez came out and being on p. 20 with my essay “Tempation” has caused me to stop and smell the azaleas a bit. That and the fact that I’m really and truly engaged to the future mister now.)

So I’m caught up with editing, short of a long overdue review of some writing that RD sent me. And I’m slowly starting to catch up with blogging. I’ve returned to my original LJ at Deviathan, where I intend to write about writing. How meta is that?

But mostly I just want to thank you all for your prayers. I can honestly say that the future mister and I just had the biggest speedbump of our relationship, and we made it through. It wasn’t pretty. Younger versions of us would have screwed this up. But no, this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

thank you, zen punky. labor of love indeed.