If you haven't seen this yet, take a look before the conservatives find it.

Should Bush be impeached?



Nobel Peace Prize


“Mohamed ElBaradei and International Atomic Energy Agency, the nuclear watchdog agency he heads, won the 2005 Nobel Prize for Peace today.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee called ElBaradei “an unafraid advocate” for nuclear nonproliferation “at a time when the threat of nuclear arms is again increasing.””

It's funny. My mom knows my birthday is coming up with baseball goes into playoffs. I know it's coming up when Nobel week hits.

Bless you, ElBaradei.

Red doors

Last month's issue of Episcopal Life had a piece on red doors. The consensus
is that those doors represent sanctuary.


This is just in case you, like me, have an interest in big old
churches with red doors
. That link will add it to your interest list as

More on Friday's homicide

The Washington Post actually gives some useful information. According to this, they have identified the alleged shooter and are trying to find out whether he acted in self defense. It apparently is not clear whether they knew each other, which is kinda distressing.

The police puts out reports once a week, so I'll be sure to look up this week's to see if there is any more information.


The only thing I've found on the shooting so far is This.

Anyhow, we're back and hungry, and so off to find food.

Yes, we're ok…

But I feel sick to my stomach–not in an ew, gross way but in a ohmygod my son is coming here to stay for ten weeks TOMORROW.

Met some of our neighbors, in the sense of what I call funeral community. When someone dies, it brings people together.

We are at right angles to the building to our west. From what I've seen of the investigation (which has been fascinating to watch), most of the investigating activity is in that building. But the body is about 20 yards from our back window, more behind the building, so it's not visible from our apartment but is from the back landing.

DFH was awoken by several noises during the night, including the sound of what he called a bus backfiring. (Guess it wasn't a bus backfiring.) There was a knock on our door about 5:30 a.m., and since our back bedroom has a clear line of sight to whatever happened, I guess it was the police. (I hope it was the police.)

It's now 10 o clock and the body is still out there. He's male.. Hard to say how old; I'm guessing late 20s.

The writer in me is fascinated. The rest of me is horrified.

…approaching one.

Durbin Regrets Nazi Analogy

Godwin's Law is invoked!!!!!! (see penultimate paragraph.)

Also: “It's all part of the same verbal inflation,” Tannen says, adding that feminists generally refrain from torturing people.;
…made me laugh my ass off.