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Saturday Faithspaces — Columns and Light


In the past couple of years, I have come to really appreciate stained glass windows, both as artistic works and as a channel for painted light. In October of 2005, I attended a conference in D.C. at the National Cathedral, and as the autumn afternoon sun bathed the Cathedral in its golden light, the windows caught it and transformed it.

Here, painted light spills onto a wall and column within the National Cathedral. I have several more from this series that I’ll make available as we go.

Pretty picture

Now that I have my own computer again, and a derned spiffy one at that, I’d like to return to posting faithspace photography and art. I may need to adjust my template accordingly, but I did design the header up at the top of this page and all of the pictures in it were taken either by me or my DFH.

For this week, and I hope to make this a regular Saturday thing, I offer my interpretation of sunlight streaming into the courtyard of Grace Cathedral. The original picture had a fascinating play of light in it, sun streaming down from a stained glass window, and I’ll post the original at some point. But it’s a very grainy photo for some reason, unusual for such bright light, and as I played with it to see what I could get, I wound up with this:


Note the lone figure just left of center: a tiny, older woman doing tai chi on an August afternoon.

Image copyright 2007, ScytheWorks Studios. Yes, that’s my photo/art name. 🙂


Market St, Philadelphia.

The best part of this picture is Ferragus suspended above the street, reflected in the window through which I shot this.

Hi revgals

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The folks over at LJland really like this picture, it seems. I just dyed my hair red, so I thought I would share.

I just got back from Philadelphia, and their science fiction convention, where I participated in two panels on religion: one, on imagining the religion of the future, and discussing religion in SF as its currently done, and two, on imagining a future without religion. It was interesting to me that during the latter presentation, the atheist sat on the far right, and I, as the confessing Christian on the panel, sat on the far left.

I will write more on what little I remember of my comments during this panels later, and probably over at the Abbey, but I just wanted to note that the “no religion” panel was a relatively hostile audience, but I got a round of applause at one point and had a wonderful discussion outside afterward with another atheist, two inquirers and a liberal Lutheran gentleman who thanked me profusely for what I had to say.

I just wish I could remember what I said.

One last thing: It seems like a lot of revgals are knitters. Would any of you like to join my knitting community, Knitster?

speaking of surreal self portraits…

…you guys did know this was coming when I got the camera fixed, right?


this is just one of those shots that make you fall over laughing with delight when you see it. he was dodging the camera all day aside from that posed shot with me (i am still sick as hell, and it shows, but doesn't he look great? and TALL?)

but this one just takes the cake for lucky shot: