fellow knitters

my friend dani posted some pictures of us over at knitster, from last weekend’s sheep and wool festival.

arm stll hurtie. prayers much appreciated. worse news is that my major medical is now “on” and i have to come up with the $1000 deductible, but at least the MRI tonight should knock it out.


Trying to tell me something

Today I ordered speech recognition software, and when I went to my editor-in-chief to get the card to pay for it, she said “You know, Helen, maybe the almighty is trying to tell you something.”

This was right after my managing editor had said nearly the same thing.

Ok, I ask for help when posting ask the matriarchs is hard. i know i can do the same for e-cafe. i’ve stopped knitting and though i’m blogging more here i’m doing less overall and not worrying abuot things like typoes and capitalization.

but yeah, past few days the arm pain has been back in full force, and tomorrow night i have an MRI to try and find out what’s going on.

Next week i will be in southern calif., first time ever. tooooo cooool!

so, anyway, this is kind of an open letter to god. what are you trying to tell me? surely you’re not trying to discourage me from writing–that’s the gift you gave me i most value!

bonk bonk, ok. there’s more, but you’ll just have to wait until my computer takes dictation. 😀


Well, after several visits to the chiropractor and doctor and a round of x-rays, my preliminary diagnosis is semi-worst-case scenario: spinal arthritis, and since that’s what has my dad in a wheelchair, it’s likely to be his rheumatoid arthritis.

More tests and hopefully a more definitive diagnosis later this month, as I’m seeing an orthopedist on April 23. But we’re still closing on the house on April 26. 😀

DFH is a little freaked out about this, so if you’re going to say a prayer for my health, throw in one for his peace of mind, please? I’m determined to not let this get me down, and hoping to take up yoga and tai chi. Of course this means I will need to let go of some other things.

Well, something hit a nerve…

For years, my C7 vertebrae has made a strange noise when I turn my head.

For about three weeks now, I’ve been having odd tinglenumbness (said she, queen of the neologisms) at the tip of my middle finger.

Now, for the past two days, I have a new symptom: a pain that stretches along my left triceps. I haven’t seen that muscle in years, but it’s still under there. I know, I can feel it. You know when you go in to a medical service provider and they ask you to describe the pain? I can only describe this as rubbery. And, it reminds me of funny-bone pain.

I think I finally sproinged the C7 nerve.

(edited to add: I succumbed and took medication for the pain, and overslept this a.m., missing EFM as a result.