Dear Buddha*

I’d like a pony and a plastic rocket and a book deal.

*This is a reference to the Serenity captain, Mal, who, having no idea what to do while kneeling at a Buddhist shrine, decides to pray the only way he knows how—by praying like a little kid.


I’m still alive..

in spite of car problems, physical therapy healing everything but my wallet, and feeling way beaten up by life lately…

will post more soon. been driving back and forth to front royal every day this week, and i know that’s why I’m so tired…

Anyhow, I’m on the Episcopal Cafe’s Daily feed, with an essay on a topic that is very meaningful to me. Here’s the link: “The Face of the Poor Is My Face, Too”

Very sleepy now. Good night!

The winning story

So, tonight I won a Bronze SNAP Excel Award, which is pretty prestigious in Association Publications world, for this story, published last May.

You can read it here.

Eight Random Things Meme

I got tagged by Quaker Pastor, so here goes.

First, the rules. Then, the meme.

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

3.At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. Back in ’89-90, I used to be keyboardist in a band with Sean Michael Dargan and Wil Gravatt. Before we formed that band, Sean was playing in a band with future Pop-Up Video writer Chris Bonner.

2. I have really strong fingernails, and I can grow them significantly long without doing a thing to them. However, when I cut them shorter, the tips of my fingers are unusually sensitive and I have more trouble typing.

3. I *really* want to learn how to play the banjo. I’ll probably have to cut my nails, though.

4. As of this evening, I will be an award-winning writer.

5. I share my name with a b-movie horror actress whose most famous appearance was in the 1976 one-star cult hit, Blood-sucking Freaks: The Incredible Torture Show.

6. The best typo I ever caught was when a colleague nearly went to print talking about the important work of the Temple University’s Center for Public Policy. Except, “public” was missing a key letter. My favorite recent catch was when we had transposed some letters in an email address so that it was going to “Mafia Linda.”

7. If I have a celebrity crush, it’s on Nicole Kidman.

8. According to the wear pattern on my shoes, I’m bow-legged.

I have another meme coming up (an interview meme from Abuela Marty) that I’ll probably post tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, I have to tag some people!

So I tag: Susan, Mike, Towanda, Jennifer, Mary Beth, Dean, Dani, Mom-Me and Sara.

Where the music takes me

There’s a song by a Scandinavian band called Covenant called “Like Tears in Rain.” It’s named after a line in Blade Runner. But the song itself, with lyrics that read like a post-apocalyptic Good Friday, always makes me want to write stories where passion beats down vicissitude, where determination conquers despair, where a flower blooms amid the grime and soot of industrial waste and rot.

The book I’m writing, which doesn’t have a title yet, is about a woman who has to unite the powers of good because there is a darker flood coming. And the powers of good don’t want to be united. They’d rather scowl across the aisle at one another and point their fingers at the black and white that each side sees.

Cept, it’s not black and white for these two groups. It’s blue and red. (I swear, when I dreamt this, I wasn’t thinking about politics. The colors are magic, and black magic and white magic implied good and evil, and both alignments are good.)

The book is becoming bigger than me, and every time i sit down to it when there’s no one around and a new wave soundtrack pulsing little gothy synthy beats at me, it gets a little more real.

I’m finally writing what I want to write.

(Okay, maybe the Skinny Puppy is a little too much.)


butterfly-webWe loves our threes, especially in science fiction world.

Arm bothering me today, so I’ll keep this short.

Rector at the new church out this week, so retired-priest-in-residence (RPIR) today. commented that many people dread this day because it’s a “doctrine” day rather than an adventure story day.


swallowtail01-0706before he moved on to talking about dancing, which my friend Will also does, he drew an interesting picture for us of a friend who loved collecting butterflies in his younger days. his experience with them pretty much included chloroforming them and pinning them to a board. later, he had a chance to see a butterfly exhibit–and wasn’t prepared for what he found, because it was a living butterfly exhibit.He realized how much he had missed, how much more there was to butterflies when they’re alive.

butterflyAnd that’s what happens to many people who try to study God chloroformed and pinned to a board.

Of important note: There’s a scene in my novel (yes, I’m writing one) of an angel pretty much chloroformed and pinned to a board. I think that’s why the image struck me so brutally. I have only the faintest memory of having found among my uncles’ stuff at my grandmother’s a shadowbox type thing with butterflies pinned against the back.

Another important note: I am a butterfly watcher. From top: Red-spotted purple, tiger swallowtail, common buckeye. You’ll see a couple of these guys in the top header of the Lounge, too.

Whoa weird..

How weird is it that almost exactly 2 years ago I posted that bit about open communion (after my opening the discussion on it over at Episcopal Cafe) and tacked on a little bit about how my son perceives the spirit (see two posts previous)?