Yay of the day!

Temple at some point in the past year or so has restored its online archives for the Temple Times, of which I was associate editor between 2000 and 2004. I’m so happy about this, because it means I can restore that portion of my online clip file.

I discovered this when I had this random notion to Google an amazing student I interviewed back in the early days of my writing career. I wasn’t surprised to find that she indeed went on to Harvard Law School, and I believe we’ll be seeing more of her in years to come. I hit her up on LinkedIn, and hope she writes back, because I’d love to hear what track she’s on now that she’s out of school.

I should note that there was a story I wrote in 2001 that has been tickling around the back of my mind as being an influence on my faith journey, but I didn’t have a copy of it — I found it here. I was pretty much a nontheistic, nonpracticing Buddhist at the time.


Progress apace

Updates continue… have the beginnings of my blogroll, mostly faith-related at this time but will be expanding gradually.
The archives are slowly coming up to par. Much of what I’m doing right now is migrating livejournal posts in from my old Deviathan journal and then editing both old gallycat posts and deviathan posts to reflect the style format of an open blog–using first names only or internet handles for personal friends, calling my son “K” and my partner “DFH”. But as I go back in time, the partner names will change; I’ve had several relationships since I started keeping an online journal. So I guess for them I’ll try to come up with nicknames that will reflect who they were at the time to me.

Right now, the meat and bones of this journal is still primarily faith-related, but that is going to be changing rapidly as I incorporate other content here. Also, for those of you who read this via a feed, you may occasionally see backdated posts appear when I create a new entry for old content without using the import tool on wordpress.

I love going through my old content, however. There have been a lot of LOL moments in the past few years that I had totally forgotten about.

Ok, ok, Uncle! UNCLE!

I have a post up at today’s Daily Episcopalian. I have another being published tomorrow, that’s kinda sorta part two, and in it, I out a small percentage of the blogs I write at, when the spirit siezes me to do so.

Part one is here:
What about Generation X? Cause quite frankly, I’m sick of that question, because it’s constantly asked and never answered. So I’ve attempted to answer it. Bear in mind my perspective is that of the person who was unchurched and among my agnostic peers for, like, 15 years. HINT TO THE VIRTUE AND CANANGLICAN WINDBAGS: WE DIDN’T RUN TO THE EVANGELICAL CHURCHES. We left because of people like you!

Part two will be published tomorrow, and it’s about how Helen came a little bit closer to merging her vocation and her profession by outing her various personalities on the blogosphere. In so doing, I found my call to social media ministry. In so doing, I really need to generate more content here, because you’re stopping by.

But tonight, I have a nasty bout of nasopharyngitis (sore throat and runny nose), and a fever to match. I do have a new blog in the works that I can announce even though I’m not done with its architecture yet. it’s about life here in the Shenandoah Valley, now that I bought a house. I mean, I was an arts and entertainment journalist for months, and it just seems to me that people should KNOW there’s more to this place than the Skyline Drive.

Ha. but I’m not giving you the link yet. you have to read the Daily Episcopalian post for Wednesday to get that.

Dear Buddha*

I’d like a pony and a plastic rocket and a book deal.

*This is a reference to the Serenity captain, Mal, who, having no idea what to do while kneeling at a Buddhist shrine, decides to pray the only way he knows how—by praying like a little kid.

I’m still alive..

in spite of car problems, physical therapy healing everything but my wallet, and feeling way beaten up by life lately…

will post more soon. been driving back and forth to front royal every day this week, and i know that’s why I’m so tired…

Anyhow, I’m on the Episcopal Cafe’s Daily feed, with an essay on a topic that is very meaningful to me. Here’s the link: “The Face of the Poor Is My Face, Too”

Very sleepy now. Good night!

The winning story

So, tonight I won a Bronze SNAP Excel Award, which is pretty prestigious in Association Publications world, for this story, published last May.

You can read it here.

Not that I would move to New York…

…but I wish i could take a sabbatical there to do this
on personal essay writing–because, dammit, that's where my
writing _works,_ and I'd love to make a living at it.