Coming up for air

Briefly, must come up and say howdy, because DFH made the most ironic funny, or the funniest irony, I’ve heard in ages. Bear in mind I’m an ally and card-carrying HRC and True Colors kinda gal, so I say this with a big grin on my face.

As we were coming home, driving into the valley and out from under some massive thunderstorms, I got to looking around for what i knew had to be a rainbow. The reason we missed it at first? It was so high up. A greater-than-180˚ arc with a fat spectrum, laid against the charcoal grey of the storms retreating from the sunset into the east. Of course, I was heading west, so I couldn’t see the whole thing. DFH, however, had a full-on view, and when he spotted it, he did a double-take, but quickly recovered, and muttered, “That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever seen!”

perfect set-up for the weekend, as we’re heading to Charles Town tomorrow with my godmother and her partner.


Goodbye, VW

I’m about ready to trade in my wonderful-when-it’s-not-constantly-ailing VW, now that I’m almost not upside down on the loan. Eyeing the Toyota line–can’t afford a hybrid, yet, but those smaller cars get better than 30 mpg highway, which is the bulk of my commute.

We’re going out for test-drives this weekend. Already drove a Yaris sedan around a bit, and want to compare it to the Corolla. Hoping I can afford a Matrix, but we’ll see, we’ll see. I may also go with Scion.

Highly overworked right now. Hence, I need to take a leave of absence from Ask the Matriarch for a bit, right on the eve of its first anniversary. More news when I can breathe again.

Extraordinary time

Why is it that I always feel the strongest draw to the church during the middle of July?

It has happened every single year since I came back to faith, and once again, I’m wondering how on earth I can live out my faith in a more visible way.



I just found an old picture of me, DJing New Year’s Eve 2003. Note the painting in the background.

Click for picture…

This was about two months before I came back to faith & church, not that it’s particularly relevant, except that angels are everywhere, aren’t they?

(ETA: Every time I find myself again musing over discernment and whether to enter ordained ministry, I fancy picturing myself behind the decks in a collar and leading study groups on what popular music (and science fiction) can tell us about faith. If only there were a way to make a sustainable living on writing about those crossroads. Sometimes I ADORE my brain, just wish I had more time to explore these trains of thought!)

Jimmy Carter on our divisions

“The Baptists are divided, the Methodists are divided, obviously the Episcopalians are divided along with Anglicans, or to take it one step away the Roman Catholics have sharp divisions among themselves. And I think this saps away from the vitality of the entire Christian Church, in a generic sense. It encompasses about 2 billion people in the world. It’s the worst blight on the Christian faith, in my opinion.”

Speaking of Faith, April 26, 2007

Missing connections

Wondering if any of my Virginia connections know the Rev. Anne Coghill MacNabb, ’cause I went to high school with an Anne Coghill and I’m wondering if it’s one and the same. She had long, wavy hair and there’s a fuzzy image in the Sept. 2004 Virginia Episcopalian of the Rev. MacNabb, who also has long, wavy hair.

It could be a coincidence, but when I saw her name in the most recent V.E. (which I now get in the mail! yay! thanks, Calvary!) as recently leaving St. Thomas’ McLean I was curious if it was the same person.