Well I got my pizza…

Sure would be nice if I could taste it.

That's right, I've got full-blown sinusitis now. It's the cold that wouldn't die.

I should mention that the virus that started this round is most likely the same one I had a month ago, but got passed around the clan via my son, mutated, and came back to me ten times worse.

It's a teenage mutant ninja virus.


Proof that I'm not anti-beer

I'm home sick with a bad throatie-headache-exhaustion combo. I swear, I've had more physical maladies since coming off the pill than I have had in the past three years. Anyhow.

I just read the word “youngster” and had to read it twice, because I could have sworn it said “yuengster.”

The world of chronic pain

My left shoulder hurts almost every day, now. It reminds me of the torticollis Dean had last winter, except my pain is in the rotator cuff, probably the teres major.

I have a nasty habit of sleeping on that side that I need to break, bigtime.

Flu season has begun

This is purely a rhetorical question:

Why are we supposed to get plenty of fluids when we know they're all just going to run back out of our heads again?

Stayed home today. gurk.

well. we are a mess

I am coughing and sneezing and sniffling and have a mild fever.

DFH's down with a nasty headache.

Thanks, Philly. :/ Or whichever child handed this off.

brain go owie

So I even put on makeup and flatironed my hair, and…

mother of headaches now descending.

So much for going out. And we had to cancel the Beth reunion today on account of flooding near her place… her house is fine, but the roads around it were tricky.

I'm gonna go find some caffine. There's no freakin food in the house, so I suspect I'm going to try to find some of that.

Fun on the mall

Yesterday we went to the rally in front of the White House, which was really awesome. There were SO many people there. Never did catch up with the groups I wanted to interview, though I had a nice one with Chester County for Peace. Good mix of old and young, surprisingly little race diversity, though. One of the reasons I think mobilizing churches is so important is that they can empower people of lower economic means to participate in these kind of events.

The book festival was going on at the same time over at the other end of the mall. It was kind of surprising to me that there was enough room for two huge events, but the protest took up the entire area between the White House and the Washington Monument. It was so packed to the gills with people that I had trouble crossing the street to get back to the book festival to see George R. R. Martin.

DFH stayed the duration of the day, catching most of the concert.

My head was getting poundy as K and I made our way home, but the worst part was that lunch was not agreeing with me. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it home, but I did. Felt like hell for the rest of the day, but I figured that calling in sick at Borders was not an option fifteen minutes before the shift. Was not myself for the rest of the night. After that was over, picked DFH up from the metro around 11, came home and went to sleep.

This morning I woke up with a congested head, a screaming headache, more unpleasantness from my digestive tract, and a general feeling of grodiness. So I elected not to get up at the crack of dawn to take the cats back to my mom's, and I elected not to go work a shift that will doubtless aggravate whatever my body is doing. I'm nervous that by doing so I have put the nail in the coffin of my Border's rehire status. But there are other bookstores, and I think I need to accept that I am a bookstore customer, not a bookseller.

Looking at the clock, it seems that I am not going to church today, either. I had planned to go to the interfaith revival tonight in DC, but not after the 24 hours of bleah I've had.

We'll have pictures of yesterday up soonish.