Things can always be worse

Blogs of Fail.


No pizza for you.

Fate has decreed that on the one night i really want pizza (actually, it's more often than that, but we don't have the divine pizza here that we did in philly), the pizza place i dig is closed.

Further complicating matters is the fact that Dean was going to pick it up on his way home from work, and doesn't have his cellphone with him so that I can reroute him to another pizza place.

And lastly, I don't feel like cooking, and by the time Dean gets home, cooks something, I will be sound asleep, I'm betting.

Bebother and confusticate!

What a day.

K and I stopped by the former workstead to take care of a file that had gone awol and that I knew was in my machine somewhere. it was cool. Third time in a month that I've stopped by there and I love visiting. I think I was just under so much stress when I worked there from so many fronts that it was hard for me to remember what awesome people they are, overall, and what interesting work they are doing.

then we were off to Six Flags. It's his last week with me and tomorrow he goes back to his dad's. And even though he's closer than he's been, I still can't help but feel that pang of sadness. He'll be back in a couple of weekends; it's my year to handle the school-clothing shopping, but I'll miss having him around.

Anyhow. I used to work at a theme park (Kings Dominion) so I know all too well the problems with being out in triple-digit heat, but even being prepared we only lasted 5 hours, most of which we spent in the waterpark. It was fun, and since K had scored a buy-1-get-1 coupon for completing his Fairfax Library reading activity, I think we got our money's worth, mostly. We'll go back in the fall when the lines are shorter and the weather is nicer and my health is better. I simply cannot be active when the heat index is this high, and summer drains me. I know I'm not the only one, but let me just say how much I am looking forward to fall and returning to hiking and climbing.

Driving home i was hit with the mother of all nonspecific headaches. Not fun in a rush hour where there were multi-car accidents just before the Wilson Bridge and near Nutley St. on I-66. I managed to get us home in one piece and promptly fell asleep for four hours. Not how I wanted to spend my last evening with my son, but we're bonding over grilled cheese sammiches (D & I with fresh tomatoes from the balcony on ours) and watching the X-Games. I can't help but note that the older participants are my old skate-punk buddy types. Yes, I was a skate bunny once upon a time, the kind hanging out by the quarter pipe in plaid shorts and ragged punk-rock T-shirts.

Sometimes, I miss those days.

At any rate, I am starting to calm down from my recent anxiety attacks. No matter how much I think I've mastered all the trigger points, my baggage is still my baggage. I know I can stow it more gracefully than this, so I will try to do so.


Ilse the VW is having her inspection done today, and of course everyone who's inspection expires today is having theirs done today too, so here it is 3 p.m. and I still haven't heard from them. I have to pick up K in an hour, and he's only a mile away, but it's going to be a little bit harder to do so if I don't have wheels. With my luck, I'll show up to borrow my car and they'll have it up on the rack right at that moment. Fleh.