Okay, will be in Philadelphia from Saturday to Wednesday.

Dani, are you free on Monday or Tuesday? I have a large box I need to drop off with Christi and Thom, and they're halfway to your place, so I have no excuse not to come over if you're around.

Jenn/Tim/Drew/Valerini/Kim/Dave/Steph/Antipathy/Lex/+anyone else from the oldschool crew: any chance of getting somewhat together one evening?

The big family get together is Christmas eve, and I have more immediate family plans on Christmas day. If there is something going on either of those nights, we could be persuaded to break away from the hills of Pottstown.

Not enough time, never enough time. But more than usual, so I hope to have time with some of you!!



If you have always or ever thought I didn't like you or was mad at you, now's your chance to say, “Hey, Helen, whatever it was that came between us, can we put it behind us and be friends again?”

Not that the person I'm thinking of will take advantage of this, but I think more people should have “get out of grudge free” opportunities.

PS. Post made public because it's not directed at anyone on my f-list.


We have hit the sneeze stage of the cold. Wham.

BTW, a few catchup things. One, the visit with Beth went FABULOUS. I love that woman as much now as I did when I was 21. She says I called her while I was in labor with K, and it was one of the funniest conversations she's ever had with me. It was great to catch up. She has two beautiful children, a daughter who's 6 and VERY much the kind of girl I'd love to have as a daughter, tomboyish, green-eyed, and adventurous, and a 2-year-old son with gorgeous blonde curls.

So now in addition to a son and a stepdaughter, I feel like I've got a new niece and nephew I didn't know about. God grant me the money to spoil them all rotten someday. Thank you.

Speaking of God granting money, I got a bonus at work. Nothing major, but enough to seam up some of the cracks and make sure that K has a decent birthday and that both the kids have something to unwrap from us this year. Oh! Momcat! Lil'D's favorite store at Fair Oaks is going out of business, and you know what that means….


Some of you will recall that i contacted my best friend from college a few months ago and a couple of weeks later, she wrote back, and I was uberhappy about this.

We scheduled a reunion of sorts the same weekend that one of the hurricanes dumped a shitload of rain on us. She lives by a lake, and there was flooding, so we had to reschedule.

I'm going to see her for the first time in almost 12 years in a matter of hours. The last time I saw her, K was barely walking.

Glad I checked my SFF net mail…

We gotta hit this. It's my former lead singer/guitarist, from back in the day when I used to make money beating up the plastic ivories. Monday or Tuesday.

> Sean Michael Dargan will bring his nifty solo show back to the East
> coast next week. I hope you can come see a show!
> The Loft above Frederick's
> 1005 Princess Anne St.
> Fredericksburg, VA
> Sunday 20 Nov 8-10pm
> Clyde's of Georgetown
> 3236 “M” St. NW
> Washington, DC
> Monday 21 Nov 9pm-midnight
> Tower Oaks Lodge
> 2 Preserve Pkwy
> Rockville, MD
> Tuesday 22 Nov 8-11pm

One nation, under goth

You know it's going to be a good day when a fellow xblogger invokes “Lucretia, My Reflection”.

No, I was not drunk last night.

Exhausted, perhaps.

Funny of the day: I can say my name 20 times in 20 contexts, but I think all the hair color changes have caught up with me, as at cons the thing that makes the light bulb go off is always “I'm the artist formerly known as helcat.” I don't think I'll ever escape that part of my identity, so I might as well embrace it again.

I'm out of cash. I knew it would go away, but I still have 12 more hours here.

The blanket is a good seven inches longer, but still needs about three more feet to really constitute a blanket. I need to learn continental to speed things up, but every time i try it, the purl stitches throw me off.

WFC has renewed my commitment to writing fiction. It always does, moreso than any other con. Today was the best day so far, with an incredible LJ meetup that put me in touch with about 20 new people. And I needed that.

It's also been my hardest convention. I've had more rejections in the past year than I have in my entire writing career before that, and that's a sign of progress. But I feel more than ever that stretch of wanna-be-ism, that hey, you've been attending these things for more than 6 years, you're only those rejections closer to being published. Still, that's progress, and important progress at that.

I can't say that I have written anything new this year. And I have not submitted anything since moving to Fairfax.

But I have a couple of things on tap, and I need to address them.

Okay. I should be packing. But I think there's more laughter to be had first.