From the Onion: Christ Announces Hiring Of Associate Christ

Christ Announces Hiring Of Associate Christ | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

“Overwhelmed by prayers,”  Jesus Christ is urging folks to enlist the services of a customer service rep from Tacoma, Washington, who has promised the same level of service as people have come to expect from the Son of God himself, according to the Onion.

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This is my laser gun. it makes this noise.

Humorous Pictures
Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

And is that poker cats contest effective at stopping online poker spam, I wonder?

The amount of faith related LOLcats on I Can Has Cheezburger lately has been cracking me up. Feel the love. Click the picture and visit the blog.

And on that note: whatever soap the church is using over in Wagner Hall? My cat loves it. She keeps licking my hand, to a point that I’m reminded of what happens when you try to erase your hand in grade school. OW.

Some good news

I don’t ordinarily blog about the specifics of my work. I can talk a blue streak about social media and whatnot, which just happens to be what I do for a living, but I generally keep my work self and my self self pretty separate in the blogosphere.

But I would just like to mention that I have been appointed acting managing editor of the publication I do social media work for, effective later this month. 😀 It’s a temporary step back into print media editing that should be interesting. I’m a little nervous, though, because I still have to do my regular job.

I’m weighing how this will affect my volunteer gigs.

Weigh in!

Week 3: Down two pounds. Weight watchers is fussing at me for losing too fast, but I made a rather drastic change in how I approach food and exercise and I’m really not regretting it in the least. I know there’s a risk of my metabolism slowing down, but I don’t think that’s happening. My energy levels are so much higher.

I’ve asked DFH to take some before-pictures for me.

Yay of the day!

Temple at some point in the past year or so has restored its online archives for the Temple Times, of which I was associate editor between 2000 and 2004. I’m so happy about this, because it means I can restore that portion of my online clip file.

I discovered this when I had this random notion to Google an amazing student I interviewed back in the early days of my writing career. I wasn’t surprised to find that she indeed went on to Harvard Law School, and I believe we’ll be seeing more of her in years to come. I hit her up on LinkedIn, and hope she writes back, because I’d love to hear what track she’s on now that she’s out of school.

I should note that there was a story I wrote in 2001 that has been tickling around the back of my mind as being an influence on my faith journey, but I didn’t have a copy of it — I found it here. I was pretty much a nontheistic, nonpracticing Buddhist at the time.

I can has want wordpress hoodie

As a faithful user of wordpress, both its open-source and hosted versions (and in both senses of the word faithful), I can even stomach the navy blue.