Faithy typos

For those of us that type a lot, it's weird: certain words come off your fingers naturally. For ages, I've mistyped "seminar" as "seminary." Always thought it was kinda Freudian.

Today I was typing "security" and "secular" came off my fingertips instead.

Do you guys have that problem?


Google madness

I love the fact that I can run two browsers — in my case, firefox and camino — and have two separate google identities to keep all my social media stuff in one space, exurbanista, while the rest of my universe goes to the multi-identity playground serving several different domains of mine at realname. That way, I can use each browser’s bookmarks to save pages to, save RSS feeds to iGoogle and Google reader, and manage individual bookmarks. With distinct Google accounts, I can avoid being distracted by chat messages that aren’t work related by disabling chat in the personal account while leaving it on in my social media account.


I’ve rearranged my feedreader so that i have an a-list (read daily), a b-list (read weekly) and a c-list (read when I have time). it’s made it so much easier for me to keep up.

I have a separate category for the blogs I work for, which will help me stay up to date with them.

And a third category for the blogs that don’t have much to do with faith, because that’s what I primarily use the hhthompson google reader for.

On an irrelevant note, I registered a new gmail account today, in my married name. Even though it’s still a good six months out, just wanted to get it before some other helen mosher goes, I want a gmail account! like all the helen thompsons did.

cat news: the stray that’s definitely adopted me, whom I call Rocket, goes to the vet tomorrow for a physical and to schedule his boybitectomy. i am now officially a 3-cat household, which probably means i’m a crazy cat lady. the cats sure are crazy, anyway.

Truelove for President: The Average American Project

This is only a test

DS asked about baptism today. Also asked how we wound up with 50 gazillion denominations of Christianity.

Fortunately, we were on a long drive and I’d just been listening to a medieval history that gave me a refresher on all the disagreements Christians were having long before we dreamed up the Reformation and the Renaissance.

Anyone have a church history guide for a seeking teenager?

Brotherly love

I’m in Philadelphia right now. It’s my home away from home, having lived here for five years. The best friends of my life are here, and this is the second year I’ve come up to spend my birthday with them.

So if you’ve written me email, and I haven’t replied, don’t worry. I’ll catch up on Monday.

In which I become a famous blogger. Sort of.

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Seems fitting to find this the same day that I’m starting to show up in places like this.