gallycat sabbatical ending on sept. 3

labor day. how funny.

i’m almost back in teh driver’s seat. just a little bit longer to go and i can start my faith-oriented writings again. Spontaneous outbursts still at deviathan, but just wanted to let those of you who don’t read both blogs know that I’m doing ok.

The news is that i have a new job, doing web 2.0 stuff like blogging and social netowrking for an association in northern virginia. it’s closer to my house by about 10 miles, but they are long miles in the morning, and as such, trims my commute from an hour and 45 to about an hour.

more to come. good stuff, i promise. ;D


Been caught out as helcat

I have an alter-ego. Well, actually, gallycat is my alter-ego, because helcat came first. Mad Priest has been so kind as to out me as that ne’er-do-well once-upon-a-goth-dj (wait, I did that here).

But I should note to any intrepid new visitors that most of my brain noise is at My Empire of Pesticide-Free Dirt.

I have news, but I can’t share it just yet, so I’m still lying low on the radar. I’ll be sending out an announcement on the Mosher-news listserv, so if you’re not on it yet and want to be, let me know.