I can has want wordpress hoodie


As a faithful user of wordpress, both its open-source and hosted versions (and in both senses of the word faithful), I can even stomach the navy blue.


Now available in black

I was going to post something rantly about how we are manipulated to shop on this day and hallelujah for those that resist the retail machine. That said, I always like to plug the small businesses of friends of mine that kick ass, and i will do so in a week or so, after payday. But I'm not buying a thing today. I'm going to sell some things today, but that's not the same thing. There's something about mall culture during the holidays that I need to experience again, and so off I go to the little Borders to foist books on people.

But then I found out that http://www.goingjesus.com has made WTFWJD shirts available in black, and I remembered what the spirit of the season is really all about.

I am so pleased that my son doesn't really want anything for Christmas. All my years of poverty that I did manage to get him Santa, and now that I SHOULD be able to get him a healthy roster of stuff, I can't afford to, mostly because he's outgrown all his clothes and is now 5'4.

If anyone has some 32×30 jeans lying around that don't fit anymore, they'll fit him (cuffed), so…

Oh, wait, that's my size. (sigh!!!!!) Eeek!!!

And he turns 13 in just over a week!!!