not lazy. really.

Be careful what you wish for, they say. Ar. ar. things went from crazy to utterly depressing.

The house thing isn’t working out. Effectively, I have two unacceptable choices right now. It’s stuff I can’t really talk about here, but the long and the short of it is that I’m being asked to sacrifice something I can’t: if I bend, I will break. As a result, I’m about to box up all my stuff, put it in storage, and find a place for my son and I to live for the summer.

The good news is that we got officially engaged on Easter Sunday. The bad news is that we got into a horrible fight about the housing situation immediately afterward, and my trust gear is skipping, more because of my brother-in-law than anything, but future mister is not helping.

I’m thinking the best option is to separate while he gets done what he needs to get done and I find some alternative situation to carry me through my visitation season.

I can barely concentrate on the things I have to do, much less the things I want to do.


Palm Sunday

I discovered to my shock, during the processional today, that I had the processional hymn committed to memory. Right now, blogging about it, I’m drawing a complete blank on which hymn it was. I have no idea what mental fugue this is, but it’s totally funny.

Also, ds came with me to church today, a first since leaving PA. Technically it’s not a first, because he’s come to several social events and a 5 p.m. service, but it was his first time in a traditional liturgical setting in about two years. Go me for getting him to come, and having a wonderful conversation with him afterwards about what happened to Jesus. I let him approach the service on his own terms–i.e. Gameboying the whole thing–and was delighted to see that he perked up during the reading of the Passion and followed along from that point forward (he especially seemed to tune into the prayers for the people). I asked him to pay attention to Fr. Jim’s sermon, suspecting that he would talk about Borg’s “The Last Week,” and he did. Later in the day, we watched the last DVD of Firefly and the Serenity Movie, and it led to a conversation about whether Jesus was a Browncoat, hence my post earlier.

At any rate, here are our vacation photos from last week:


Your holy week discussion

(Faith meets fandom, vol. 8–For Whedonites who have read “The Last Week,” in particular)

Was Jesus was a browncoat?

Father forgive me

And mother too..

It’s just been a very rough couple of weeks for faithblogging. I feel fallen.

I have absolutely determined that I must get out of Northern Virginia. The sooner the better. I love my job, and I’m hoping that I will be able to move to the Valley and telecommute, but I wonder at this call, at its strength. The Valley is home.

That is, if Hatteras isn’t. We were at the Outer Banks all last weekend and I did not want to leave. I ended up finishing my edits on Ordinary Time nearly two weeks later than I had intended, but I did it. Rev Mommy deserves a full crop of props for all the work she’s doing. SEND HER LOVE.

But at any rate, I’m overwhelmed with life again. What can I let go?