1 .. 2.. 2 1/2

Well, I did it.

Gallycat points there now. I promise not to move anymore.

One last weigh-in here before I move it totally over:
down another 3 pounds for a total of 16, despite a craptastic late-night Denny’s run on Tuesday night where I had more than 40 points in one sitting. Granted, most days I’m five points short…


Weigh in!

Week 3: Down two pounds. Weight watchers is fussing at me for losing too fast, but I made a rather drastic change in how I approach food and exercise and I’m really not regretting it in the least. I know there’s a risk of my metabolism slowing down, but I don’t think that’s happening. My energy levels are so much higher.

I’ve asked DFH to take some before-pictures for me.

Weigh in!

Friday is weigh in day, and I’m down 4 pounds. More importantly, I can fit into the next size down jeans again. Well, some of them, anyway.

Also, one of the groundhogs that lives in these parts was poking around today, three weeks late, not seeing his shadow. Picked a heck of a day to wake up, though: the morning, we were getting pelted with crazy sleet. Didn’t get hit too hard by the storm, but was glad I didn’t have to go to the office, since a truck overturned on I-66 East.

So here I go again

I’m kind of merging all my blogs again, which is a good feeling. Simplifying, if you will, which is a huge component of what I’m trying to do for Lent: Declutter. But I seem motivated to do all kinds of improvements. I’m battening down the hatches and sticking more closely to weight watchers, for one. I’m doing pilates at least three times a week, for two. I’m also trying out The Biggest Loser Club, and whichever one I find myself sticking more closely to at the end of three months is the one I’ll go with for the year.

One of the things I’m wrestling with is the fact that Diet Pepsi and other diet sodas are increasingly showing up as big bad. You’ll notice that’s actually old news, but it continues to make headlines. Sigh. I’m such a southern girl when it comes to my cola love (although, oddly, I prefer Pepsi.) But I seem to be going British: Hot tea is increasingly my beverage of choice (Earl Grey, actually) and I can drink the generic iced kind without any sweetener at all, just a touch of lemon!


No wonder.

I thought I was eating “light” yesterday, and managed to consume 44 points worth of food.

This is what happens when I don't track.

And this is why I've gained 30 pounds this year. (And dent ceilings in my dreams.)


Thinking thinner

File under:

I’ve put on some 30 pounds this year, largely because I had to have my gallbladder out in April and found afterwards that I could tolerate dairy foods again, and I became less active, because three months recovering from that surgery totally robbed me of what meager fitness I had acquired.

So I’ve been thinking about overhauling my diet in a radical way, and trying to do so in a way that’s… godly, so to speak. Not what would Jesus eat (although I’ve taken some pain to acquire a palate for fish and other things that lived in water) so much as trying to incorporate my inner calling to tread lightly upon God’s creation because our dominion of it, in the way that it currently exists, contributes to global hunger.

But for now, you know that I’m starting to pay attention because when lunch became pressing and I had to grab and go, instead of getting the value meal and a ice cream dessert, I got the smallest burger and a yogurt.

Even radical change sometimes needs to be gradual. In the meantime, I’m back on Weight Watchers. I’m in that crazy nebulous world between “overweight” and “obese” right now, with people constantly telling me that I don’t LOOK like I need to lose weight, but.. my clothes don’t fit, and I’m the sort who only buys new clothes when the old ones wear out–or gets too tight–

–And I’m not up for a shopping spree right now.


Lately I've been taking K to the pool after work, seeing as there's one in the complex.

Two hours there is enough to totally beat me up. DFH came out looking like the train had hit him several times and stolen his lunch money to boot, but he was a good sport and took up the game of catch when I pooped out.

I feel so weird being the 170-pound chick in a bikini, but I was starting to get tan lines from my one-piece, and I guess I also wanted my surgery scars to get a bit of sun.

Then I realized that for as naked as I felt, I also felt very empowered. Behold, my pear!!!

Maybe it's because I am the best swimmer there. Worked with K on his stroke quite a bit; by the end of the night his freestyle stroke was improved tenfold. He'd now possibly pass a 25-m test. He's pulling the water instead of slapping it, he's keeping his body in a straight line. He's starting to get the hang of keeping his face under water, although he picks his head up rather than turning it. He's definitely faster.

I did a few laps of butterfly, just for the hell of it.

Small wonder I feel beat up.