Weigh In

I’m using Flock Browser now (www.flock.com), which is great considering all my social media accounts. Should help me stay dialed in, so to speak. I’ll let you know soon whether it’s the best thing ever. 🙂 Basically, in the sidebar, I have access to all my status update thingies — twitter and facebook, for instance, and can post to just about any of my blogs using the editor I’m using right now.

For my weigh in, I’ve synchronized my starting weight on my different tracking services. So the “total” numbers should be consistent across my various log-ins, which they weren’t before. This week, week 4, I’m:

-Down 3 pounds, and
-Have lost a total of 13 pounds since Ash Wednesday.

I’ve started with a weight routine I do two times a week–mostly arm and shoulder stuff. And three times a week I do one of the Jennifer Kries‘ workouts from her method series.

I’m not feeling well, either. Sneezy and sinusy and icky. But not feeling really sick, either. Seems a bit early for allergy season since there’s only the faintest hit of yellow-green — early early buds — on the trees, but that’s the sort of ick that I feel.

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New face in my blogosphere

I was poking around a bit for info on a certain guilty pleasure I have (fashion-related reality shows on Bravo TV) and found this writer in another corner of the blogosphere—Jendi Reiter. She has this one piece called Jesus Won’t Make Me a Supermodel, which struck me as interesting: she makes a connection between the cattiness of pop culture that she’s watching on television and a book she’s reading on turning from judgment to love of God–an experiment in, as she puts it, “maximum cognitive dissonance,” which made me laugh out loud.

Plus she’s a Ronnie fan. So am I:
Ronnie from Make Me a Supermodel

PS: Ronnie’s blog entry this week is spot-on–about bridging diversity. Check it out.

Bad day for the in-box

I so suck at cleaning out my inbox, but this was kinda funny. Like I should play the lotto or something, but I think that counts as selling one’s soul. Either way, it’s a bit disturbing. [I mean, who else has more than 450 drafts?]

Bad Day for the Inbox

Lenten offerings

Change always seems to accumulate in weird places for me, most often next to the washing machine (cause I always clear out pockets there) and on my dresser (because sometimes I remember to empty my pockets before they go to the laundry). So DFH (whom I’m happy to report has redeemed himself verily after the fiasco that chased us around over the holidays) was looking to find said change a home, because change is good.

We took one of those semi-disposable Glad containers and cut a hole in the lid and put it into the cabinet where the laundry detergent and other related sundries live. It’s now a jumbo-sized mite box that I’ll redeem and take to church with me on Easter.

I was a little discombobulated to realize that Lent starts next week. I’ll be in San Diego for a business trip. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to visit the San Diego Cathedral on Sunday and/or Wednesday, since it’s only 2 miles up the road. I love the Ash Wednesday liturgy and would hate to miss it.

Oh, so that’s what you wanted!

I got a significant number of hits from people looking for liveblogging on the Diocese of Virginia annual council. That cinches for me something I've been toying with for a while now–blogging about the Diocese as a complement to what I do for the Episcopal Cafe. It's a new direction for me, as I'm much more the personal reflection type and I'm about as nonconventional a Christian as you could ask for, but I *am* a journalist by trade and I could probably do a lot to use my voice for something a little less narcissistic.

The more I get to know people in the Diocese the more I think, yeah, i can do this.

this one’s for mike and company

There were a whole bunch of clergy attending the emerging church discussion group and I think out of the people there I had the most experience in it. Mike, you’re so much more well versed in it as a whole–would you be willing to post a comment with links that the clergy I then pointed to my blog could access for more understanding?

PS. Mike is Rude Armchair Theology guy. Sometimes he lives up to that name, but he is truly one of the most open, friendly, and loving Christians I know. His criticism may sound acerbic, but it’s a challenge. Think of it this way:

He is making an important and challenging point about the emergent movement, one that was echoed during the focus group meeting yesterday as we proceeded. And that is this: the best way to learn about the emergent movement is not to study it and debate about it, but to participate in it.

Given how much we as a polity tend to form committees and focus groups and so on, take the criticism to heart and not as a judgment but an opportunity.

a time to blog


Should I come back? I brought back one of my oldest netmonikers, one that’s painfully ireverrent, the predecessor of deviathan. If you’re a reader of that spot, well, you’ve also likely noticed my silence here.

I’m venturing out shyly, nervously, because I’ve been feeling a lot of pain these past several weeks in a bad case of won’t get fooled again.

The end result is that I’ve called off the wedding indefinitely, my partner and I are getting counseling; I don’t know if I can continue to call him DFH or not but time will tell. We’re giving ourselves at least three months to figure it out.

And I don’t really want to talk about it, just wanted to let everyone know why I’ve almost completely vanished from the blogosphere. If you have a prayer to spare, send it our way. But I think we’re on the mend, honestly.