Dear Buddha*

I’d like a pony and a plastic rocket and a book deal.

*This is a reference to the Serenity captain, Mal, who, having no idea what to do while kneeling at a Buddhist shrine, decides to pray the only way he knows how—by praying like a little kid.


Smoking Whedon Fonda Science Fiction

I just exchanged a few books I don't need for Serenity and Firefly,
which, of course, I do need.

Since Borders was also having a buy 3 DVDs get one free sale, I also
picked up the second X men movie and…..


Fear me.

the gift…

As some of you will recall, I plowed through Buffy seasons 3 and 4 in
the span of three days while recovering from gallbladder surgery back
in April.

I just finished season 5. (Also watched much Angel in the interim and
a bit of Firefly.) And what I really, really, really want to know is
why the key was so important that the monks didn't destroy it when
they should have.

If that comes up later, don't spoil it, but if not, feel free to discuss.

Helcat's Philcon Schedule

From the “Token Jesus Freak On The Big Question Panel” and “What Part Of Don't Schedule Me For Friday Did You Not Understand?” department:

* Fri 10:00 PM in 304—What We Don't Know (67)
According to some experts, science has solved all the big questions, and all that remains is detail. At least, that's what they said a hundred years ago, before quantum mechanics, airplanes, television, computers, atomic energy, and molecular biology. What are the big science questions of the 21st century, and how are scientists trying to answer them? What might we know in a hundred years that we don't know now?
Peter Radatti (mod), Eric M. Van, George Scithers, Helen Thompson

From the “I Thought This Was The Hot Or Not Panel, And I'm Hot, You're—About To Discover Me” department:

* Sun 11:00 AM in Salon A—Hot New Writers (you have not heard of yet) (140)
Bring your notebook!
Marilyn “Mattie” Brahen (mod), David G. Hartwell, Gardner Dozois, Gordon Van Gelder, Helen Thompson

From the “I Don't Need To Start My Own Religion–I'm One Of Those 'Revisionists' Who's Making Faith A Better Place For All (a/k/a We Don't Need No Stinkin' Dystopias; Just Open The FSCKin' Door)” department:
* Sun 12:00 PM in Salon G—Starting Your Own Religion for Fun and Profit (44)
Panelists discuss exploring your characters' faith from beginning to end. How to create a belief system that is more than just filing off the serial numbers.
George Scithers (mod), Ann Tonsor Zeddies, Helen Thompson, Myke Cole

From the “We Thought Post-Christian Meant You'd Started A Church-By-Mail Service” department:
* Sun 1:00 PM in Salon A—Imagine No Religion (165)
Will we ever live in a truly post-religious future or will people continually come up with something new?
Diane Weinstein (mod), Eric M. Van, David Silverman, Alexis Gilliland, Helen Thompson

(Seriously, why the heck they didn't put me on the science/religion panel where I have the MOST expertise–oh, and I'm actually there…but oh well.)

Well, that was an interesting trip home.

Flight was delayed and very bumpy once it finally got in the air.

but i'm home safe. And wrote half a novel outline while pitching around at 33K feet.

DFH has cleaned the entire house. *boggle* Best. Boyfriend. Evar!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who made this WFC awesome. It was good seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and hanging out with folks a good deal more than in the past. This post is public cause there will be some new folks stopping by–feel free to say hi!

Fire, lit. Now for marshmallows, chocolate, and mixing it up a bit.

No, I was not drunk last night.

Exhausted, perhaps.

Funny of the day: I can say my name 20 times in 20 contexts, but I think all the hair color changes have caught up with me, as at cons the thing that makes the light bulb go off is always “I'm the artist formerly known as helcat.” I don't think I'll ever escape that part of my identity, so I might as well embrace it again.

I'm out of cash. I knew it would go away, but I still have 12 more hours here.

The blanket is a good seven inches longer, but still needs about three more feet to really constitute a blanket. I need to learn continental to speed things up, but every time i try it, the purl stitches throw me off.

WFC has renewed my commitment to writing fiction. It always does, moreso than any other con. Today was the best day so far, with an incredible LJ meetup that put me in touch with about 20 new people. And I needed that.

It's also been my hardest convention. I've had more rejections in the past year than I have in my entire writing career before that, and that's a sign of progress. But I feel more than ever that stretch of wanna-be-ism, that hey, you've been attending these things for more than 6 years, you're only those rejections closer to being published. Still, that's progress, and important progress at that.

I can't say that I have written anything new this year. And I have not submitted anything since moving to Fairfax.

But I have a couple of things on tap, and I need to address them.

Okay. I should be packing. But I think there's more laughter to be had first.

Oh, i should note…

K and I went to see Serenity over the weekend.

Now I'm sure I'm not the first to turn this phrase, being a belated Whedon fan, but the experience was sheer Whedonistic joy.

K I got lots of good dialogue afterward. I'm not familiar with firefly, being still stuck in season 5 of Buffy and Season 2 of Angel, but getting a precocious near-teen interested in corporate/governmental conspiracy is always funly subversive.