LJ ate my nachoes post

I wrote a post last week because I was craving nachoes and wanted to
find a place that serves real nachoes, you know the big plate of chips
that everyone can dive into. i get so sick of places that serve eight
large chips each with a jalapeno slice and a thin layer of cheese.

Anyway, so it's still not showing up and I'm still hankering for a big
plate of nachoes despite telling myself to stop eating so much junk (i
swear they took the gallbladder out and I'm making up for all the time
i couldn't eat fun food) and so I just thought I'd share since I'm in
run-on mode that Consumer Reports hasn't seen fit to report on best
value nacho purchases.

I'm also craving fish and chips, which still doesn't qualify as not
junk, but given my lifelong aversion to food that comes out of water,
I'm making progress. Last week I ordered fish and chips at a
restaurant and the fish portion was smaller than weight watchers would
recommend. who has the best fish and chips?

okay. enough of random.


Blessed are the cheesemakers

So what does it say about me that, when I get a spam from AmericanSingles offering one month free, I think it means I get 30 days of free, individually wrapped cheese?

(And what does it say that when Dean specifies that the singles are individually wrapped, I insist that we get the ones that aren't wrapped and are therefore more environmentally friendly, in spite of the fact that we are discussing metacheese and not real cheese?)

(And what is cheese food? Do we need to feed the cheese?)

(And did anyone else think that Swiss cheese was blessed because it was hole-y, when you were a kid, or am I just weird?)

Marketing whiz foo

so i have this very professional piece of correspondence before me, from some official department, disbursement, manila colored, check-type paper visible through the cellophane window.

It's addressed to “resident.”

Whee. Can I have some cheese?