From the Onion: Christ Announces Hiring Of Associate Christ

Christ Announces Hiring Of Associate Christ | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

“Overwhelmed by prayers,”  Jesus Christ is urging folks to enlist the services of a customer service rep from Tacoma, Washington, who has promised the same level of service as people have come to expect from the Son of God himself, according to the Onion.

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Well I got my pizza…

Sure would be nice if I could taste it.

That's right, I've got full-blown sinusitis now. It's the cold that wouldn't die.

I should mention that the virus that started this round is most likely the same one I had a month ago, but got passed around the clan via my son, mutated, and came back to me ten times worse.

It's a teenage mutant ninja virus.

So much for using him as a translator if we do mission work

DS: I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that I have an A
in Spanish.
Me: Yay!! That's awesome! What's the bad news?
DS: I have a D in English.

P.S. On the last post….

This is really funny, in retrospect.

Blessed are the cheesemakers

So what does it say about me that, when I get a spam from AmericanSingles offering one month free, I think it means I get 30 days of free, individually wrapped cheese?

(And what does it say that when Dean specifies that the singles are individually wrapped, I insist that we get the ones that aren't wrapped and are therefore more environmentally friendly, in spite of the fact that we are discussing metacheese and not real cheese?)

(And what is cheese food? Do we need to feed the cheese?)

(And did anyone else think that Swiss cheese was blessed because it was hole-y, when you were a kid, or am I just weird?)


Wrote a deck on a story about direct mail marketing.

Then went back and reread it.

And burst out laughing:

With spam filters and ad-blockers killing your ability to reach people
through the internet, it may well be time to go postal.