Weigh In

I’m using Flock Browser now (www.flock.com), which is great considering all my social media accounts. Should help me stay dialed in, so to speak. I’ll let you know soon whether it’s the best thing ever. 🙂 Basically, in the sidebar, I have access to all my status update thingies — twitter and facebook, for instance, and can post to just about any of my blogs using the editor I’m using right now.

For my weigh in, I’ve synchronized my starting weight on my different tracking services. So the “total” numbers should be consistent across my various log-ins, which they weren’t before. This week, week 4, I’m:

-Down 3 pounds, and
-Have lost a total of 13 pounds since Ash Wednesday.

I’ve started with a weight routine I do two times a week–mostly arm and shoulder stuff. And three times a week I do one of the Jennifer Kries‘ workouts from her method series.

I’m not feeling well, either. Sneezy and sinusy and icky. But not feeling really sick, either. Seems a bit early for allergy season since there’s only the faintest hit of yellow-green — early early buds — on the trees, but that’s the sort of ick that I feel.

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So here I go again

I’m kind of merging all my blogs again, which is a good feeling. Simplifying, if you will, which is a huge component of what I’m trying to do for Lent: Declutter. But I seem motivated to do all kinds of improvements. I’m battening down the hatches and sticking more closely to weight watchers, for one. I’m doing pilates at least three times a week, for two. I’m also trying out The Biggest Loser Club, and whichever one I find myself sticking more closely to at the end of three months is the one I’ll go with for the year.

One of the things I’m wrestling with is the fact that Diet Pepsi and other diet sodas are increasingly showing up as big bad. You’ll notice that’s actually old news, but it continues to make headlines. Sigh. I’m such a southern girl when it comes to my cola love (although, oddly, I prefer Pepsi.) But I seem to be going British: Hot tea is increasingly my beverage of choice (Earl Grey, actually) and I can drink the generic iced kind without any sweetener at all, just a touch of lemon!