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I’m using Flock Browser now (www.flock.com), which is great considering all my social media accounts. Should help me stay dialed in, so to speak. I’ll let you know soon whether it’s the best thing ever. 🙂 Basically, in the sidebar, I have access to all my status update thingies — twitter and facebook, for instance, and can post to just about any of my blogs using the editor I’m using right now.

For my weigh in, I’ve synchronized my starting weight on my different tracking services. So the “total” numbers should be consistent across my various log-ins, which they weren’t before. This week, week 4, I’m:

-Down 3 pounds, and
-Have lost a total of 13 pounds since Ash Wednesday.

I’ve started with a weight routine I do two times a week–mostly arm and shoulder stuff. And three times a week I do one of the Jennifer Kries‘ workouts from her method series.

I’m not feeling well, either. Sneezy and sinusy and icky. But not feeling really sick, either. Seems a bit early for allergy season since there’s only the faintest hit of yellow-green — early early buds — on the trees, but that’s the sort of ick that I feel.

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2 Responses

  1. Congraulations on the 3-pounds and BOOOOOO on the early allergy!

    Me, I haven’t started weight training yet. I’m still cardioing like a fiend and it’s working, so why mess with it? I’ll start the weights in earnest when I hit the plateau.

    Always leave something in reserve, right?

  2. What I’m doing is targeting my arms and shoulders using the weight training I was doing as part of my physical therapy when my neck went south last year, with added emphasis on my triceps because I have such flabby upper arms. :/

    The big change is in structuring my workouts. Thanks for the reminder to add cardio to the lineup; right now it’s pretty much strength and flexibility, although two of my pilates workouts are vigorous enough to moderately get the heart rate up.

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