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I got this from the LJ crew, but I think the revgals are playing too…

Two names you go by
1. Helen
2. Mom

Two Parts of your heritage
1. Icelandic
2. British

Two things that scare you
1. Anything that involves eyeballs
2. Being in a room where everyone is looking at you but speaking in another language

Two of your everyday essentials
1. diet pepsi
2. yogurt

Two things you’re wearing right now
1. very old jeans
2. heh. a Damned t-shirt. As in, the band, “The Damned.”

Two things you want in a relationship (other than Real love)
1. A good picker-upper (which DFH is)
2. Monkeys, bunnies, and a whole lotta pudding (yes, as sick as it sounds…)

Two truths
1. I have too many books.
2. Chocolate.

Two physical things that appeal to you
1. Eyes (ironic, given my fear of them outside their normal habitat)
2. Backrubs

Two of your favorite hobbies
1. Knitting
2. Collecting recipes

Two things you want really badly
1. A house
2. A wedding

Two places you want to go on vacation
1. England
2. Williamsburg

Two things you want to do before you die
1. Get a doctorate in theology
2. Write a novel

Two ways that you are stereotypically a girl/guy
1. I’m a sucker for a sale
2. Praise babies!

Two things you normally wouldn’t admit
1. I wrote a song about sex when I was ten. It sounded suspiciously like a hymn, given that’s the music I had heard most at that age.
2. I’m a Christian. I still have trouble saying that, but it’s getting easier as time (and faithblogging) go by.

Two things you are thinking about now
1. I need more diet pepsi.
2. Where’s my honey?

Two stores you shop at
1. Wegman’s
2. Kohls

Two people you would like to see take this quiz
1. All your base.
2. My honey.


Say No to Sew Fast/Sew Easy :

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Say No to Sew Fast/Sew Easy :

In May, 2005, Sew Fast/Sew Easy Inc., a New York based sewing shop, began sending out notices to various non-profit “Stitch ‘n Bitch” knitting organizations around the country, alerting the crafters to the fact that this company trademarked “Stitch & Bitch Cafe” years ago, and that these knitters could not use those words.

We disagree. We believe we are not infringing on any trademarks. We’re not even making any money off the phrase. But, being just a group of crafters scattered all over the US, it’s hard to band together and fight this injustice.

Those of us who aren’t terribly inclined to use “stitch and bitch” in our knitting groups may think, oh, get over it. But if they get cleared to use their trademark in this way, I’m rather sure I’ll get dragged to the post for using “knitster.” I already can’t make T-shirts for my knitting site, and I’d hate to think that my non-profit weblog over at is causing anyone any problems.

But truth is, stitch and bitch groups across the nation have been part of what fueled the craft’s elevation back into the fabric (pun sort of intended) of “cool” society. It’s not a craft for daft grannies anymore, though you can bet being less than ten years from potential daft granniness myself, I will wear the label with punkish pride when it comes to pass.

Look at all the creative things that have come to pass as a result of Debbie Stoller’s books. To me, it’s a movement. Maybe it wasn’t a movement when Sew Fast/Sew Easy started using it, but guess what. It’s a movement now. We will not be pwned.

I know, there are other social justice movements that are probably infinitely more important, but I’m a creative person, and playing bully with your trademark smacks of corporate greed.

Torn in two

Actually, torn into about fifty.

I start EFM this weekend, and I’m meeting with Fr. Jim tonight to help get my brain back on straight. I feel pulled in so many different directions that I don’t know what I’m doing.

1. I have a good job with a good company. However, I can’t afford to keep living here in Northern Virginia, where the median home price is about $450,000 and rents are comparably outrageous, making it impossible to save for a house on what would anywhere else (other than NYC or San Francisco) be a comfortably middle-class income.
2. I’m drawn to explorations of spirituality, and would like to make that my vocation.
3. I’m drawn to being part of a community, and being a community leader, not to sate my ego, but because I like making a difference in people’s lives.
4. I need a master’s degree to teach, and I’d like to teach literature and religion.
5. I want to settle down into a home with my fiance, with enough room for each of our kids. We’re drawn to the Shenandoah Valley and the Schuylkill Valley, but how do we move and do the job thing?
6. How the heck do we afford a wedding amid all this nonsense?

Your prayers as we move through these transitions and decisions are much appreciated.

Update: Fr. Jim is under the weather, so we’re rescheduling. Murphy, you’re one funny lawmaker.

And they will know we are Christians by our pie.

Apologies to the dharmapanda readers who have already seen this, but:

So now, when my dishwasher is cleaning up after my pie-making antics…


Today has been a very good day, aside from the stomach cramps. Today’s letter to God would be something along the line of “Heavenly father, please make up your mind as to whether I am lactose-intolerant or not.” Because some days I swear my stomach is singing along to the same rhythm as the dishwasher.

Great. I can open a karaoke bar in my digestive tract and household appliances will provide the soundtrack. Shoot me, please.

Seriously, today has been a very good day. I have an email account I very seldom read, but when I realized that the Philly city paper email address still forwarded to it, I started checking it regularly after the Jim Wallis piece ran. Glad I did.


This is only loosely related to this week’s Friday Five, but everytime my dishwasher runs, I get “They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love” stuck in my head. I’ve realized it’s because you can sing the song along with the rhythm of the dern contraption.

I don’t watch TV, so I didn’t get to critique “The Book of Daniel,” but next on my to-read list is _In the Bleak Midwinter_, by Julia Spencer-Fleming. Probably old news to most of you in the ring, but I swear I’m astonished by the number of Episcopal protagonists in mystery series, to say nothing of Karon. Does our denomination attract an unusually large number of writers, and what on earth will people think when I introduce my Episcopalian vampire?

Just kidding. 🙂

Or am I…

God bless the Mennonites.

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Some years back, I dated someone whose parents were Mennonites. They severed ties with me when he did, alas, for I loved them all, but it ended badly.

The best banana bread I ever had was stuff that LB made. I adored that woman, and miss her horribly. JB scanned the recipe and passed it along to me.

Shortly after TB and I broke up, I found the cookbook it came from in the bargain rack of a bookstore. It’s _Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking: A Mennonite Community Cookbook_.

Tonight, I had a compulsion to make pie. I’ve never made my own pie crust before, and sifted through a couple of cookbooks before remembering I had the queen of all Mennonite cookbooks.

Flour. Salt. Shortening. Water.
Apples. Cinnamon. Sugar. Milk.

It’s better than any pie I remember. Flaky and perfect.

LB, I miss you. Your personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and home

I think I’m going to Fly.