Got my membership card today…

Off to Annual Council tomorrow. Having lunch with the aforementioned cousin on Friday between other Annual Council stuffs.

Anyone else with a diocesan convention this weekend, have safe travels. I’ll definitely come back with pictures, although we’ll see who I can get to stand next to this here sign I made for our booth. I keep looking at it over on the bookshelf and going, wow, I made a sign. I actually can do much more–graphics and whatnot, but we just wanted something that people could see, given that we just got word that we have a table on Saturday.

I should built a portfolio for this kind of thing. Maybe I could go into business doing this for progressive groups all over the country. Make it a side business to fund the progressive piggy bank, because I get asked for handouts to progressive organizations more than I did from homeless men on Philly streets, and that’s saying something. I have learned the hard way that I need to not overextend myself, overvolunteer, or overcommit. But EFM and PEV are the places for me to be.

I do consider myself on the grand spectrum to be a moderate. And that sometimes makes it hard. But I do feel blessed to have learned, over the years, that the best way to make a friend across the aisle is to reach over and shake their hand, for any time you truly listen, you will learn something. I hope they are listening to us as I am trying to listen to them, and I hope we both learn.

But in the meantime, a journey!!


2 Responses

  1. I hope you have a good weekend. Denominational meetings are weird, in that we wish for something spiritual, but they are often so business-y. But if we’re looking for it intently, the spiritual is usually there, too!

  2. We had an AMAZING chaplain at council. I will write more about it when I have a chance to, but his four meditations were beautiful, and at the eucharist, i found myself exchanging the peace with someone from a famously conservative parish, and it felt healing.

    More later. Thanks!!

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