Random Fairfax Fridays

I really hope they make the Book of Daniel available on DVD, because I always forget to watch it when it’s on. Tonight, I’ve remembered in time, but the television is already booked for a showing of “About a Boy” for son and future-stepfather bonding. And then they will likely overdose on Firefly episodes (sound of me mock complaining, Whedon-addict that I am).

It’s ok, I am making pie and knitting furiously. Son is listening to an audio version of one of the Redwall books. Why is just about every fantasy book read by a densely-accented Brit?


One Response

  1. lol
    You’ll appreciate that the cry in these parts is along the lines of “Why is every single film stuffed with American accents?!”
    Rather fun to hear the complaint in reverse…but Redwall is surely good enough to transcend these irritations?

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