Pie Fridays (crossposted from one of my other blogs)

(Key: H–me; D–pre-spousal unit; K–son)

*wham, clank*
H: Was that the salad?
D (sheepish): No. (meaningful pause.) It was the pie.
K (hyper): what? what? what happened? (trying to find the scene in serenity we left D. off at last time)
H (comes around to look): Oh. Pie foul.
(The apples are piled under the bottom crust, the pie plate is empty on the counter.) It’s the pie that didn’t want to be anyway; the apples had tried to go south, the crust tried to be overcooked…
K: Is this the scene?
H: We’re not going to be able to watch it just yet; we’ve had a pie foul.
K: What??! (comes over, peers over counter, gapes)
H (leans over): this part didn’t touch the floor…(rescues a bit of the bottom crust)
D: Oh! You’re right! (helps himself to half the bottom of the pie, gestures to K) Want some of the pie that didn’t touch the floor?
K: Oh, yeah!! (this is his third piece)
D: Come on, H, you know you want to blow a few more points.
H: That’s ok. I’ve already blown too many.
D: (guffaw)
H: (realizes what she just said, only to look up and see K and D lifting their pieces of broken pie to their mouths in perfect synchronization): That’s just wrong on so many levels.
D, K: (crack up)
H: I’m writing this down.
D (to K): So is this your first pie foul?


Random Fairfax Fridays

I really hope they make the Book of Daniel available on DVD, because I always forget to watch it when it’s on. Tonight, I’ve remembered in time, but the television is already booked for a showing of “About a Boy” for son and future-stepfather bonding. And then they will likely overdose on Firefly episodes (sound of me mock complaining, Whedon-addict that I am).

It’s ok, I am making pie and knitting furiously. Son is listening to an audio version of one of the Redwall books. Why is just about every fantasy book read by a densely-accented Brit?